Saturday, September 10, 2016

Thursday Club

Hi there... 

The school term has started again here in the UK and that also means that the craft class I run at
Thursday Club (a club for mental and physically challenge adults) has started too.

Everyone is always excited to be back, seeing their friends and it means that I have craft projects to come up with and prepare....

Many of you have asked me to share what we make so here's what I came up with this week

A wall hanging, and given that we prepare at least 22 of them you can work out that 66 of those frames need to be cut... Not my favourite job so Pat kindly cut the frames and 22 cityscapes whilst I cut the cardstock, do the design, the graphics and the little things that I can cut on the Cameo 

I coloured all the little boats and stamped and cut the sentiments too.

Together Pat and I put everything they need to complete the project into an envelope... 22 envelopes, You can guarantee that halfway through the class you'll hear cries of "I haven't got a plane... I haven't got stars...etc.." 
They're either on the floor or stuck to something or someone else... Often the boat will be in the middle of the hills and the plane in the sea Lol!... It's hard work ... VERY hard work but such fun...

Ok so that's it for now ... I'll be back tomorrow with my photos for Our Beautiful World 

Have a great weekend

~ Ros ~