Friday, July 17, 2020

Some Oldies

Hello there... 

I can't say that I have been inspired to craft or paint lately... I'm fine, I'm just taking a little break from things.
I've still a few paintings that I haven't shared with you before

 These were done way back in April when I was first experimenting

It took a lot of trial and error to find what brushes work for me and of course shapes and colours

I'm a little more confident now but I still like these 

Teaching myself to paint became my haven when Covid first started... I'm curious as to whether you tried anything new whilst being isolated?

We're still very cautious and I don't go out unless I have to... I went for my blood tests yesterday and it was all done by appointment. Of course you are required to wear a mask which I always do but it was so alarming to see that the only other person wearing a mask at the medical centre was the nurse who took the blood! I had to walk past other workers with no covering at all... Crazy!

Stay safe and happy my friends

~ Ros ~