Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Tig & Mo


I hope you had a good weekend and your week started well, it did here with sunshine and warm weather

Today's cards feature some new characters Tig and Mo. Well, you saw Mo in my previous post, this is her best friend Tig

Tig lives in an old tin can and whilst the rain is not ideal (it causes rust) at least it brings fresh leaves which create a shelter from the litter pickers, as long as the snails doesn't eat too much.  Tig and Mo have had various homes, old shoes, coffee cups and even a french fries box complete with an outer bag. But somehow the litter pickers find them and that's that.
Lock down has been hard on the mice, certainly not as much food around that's for sure and the pesky pigeons swoop in whenever there's a find.

 Now there is a little more freedom, Tig called on Mo and suggested that the first sunny day they have, they would go down to the beach. Everything is better at the beach and who knows what they may find  That's if they can remember the way...

Two days later, armed with a towel and a parasol, they set off. They hadn't gone far when they came across a piece of discarded chocolate.. Joy of joys! They never understood why humans threw away so much stuff not that they're complaining, it kept them fed and chocolate was a favourite. This piece had a nut right in the middle so starting at opposite ends they chomped away until the nut came free. With full bellies they rolled up the precious nut in the towel for a lunchtime treat

This was going to be a good day they decided.


I hope you all have a good day too...

Till soon

~ Ros ~