Wednesday, February 23, 2022


 Well hello!
I hope this finds you well. We've experienced a lot of storms lately and apart from losing a lot of fencing around our property we are okay.
Thanks so much for all your support regarding my health issues - I have come to terms with what has to be done and later today I am having a CT injection in the hope that it relieves me of the pain I am struggling with. I discovered that I also have a problem with high pressure in one of my eyes and the optician has no clue why... I don't do things by half do I?
I had a wonderful week last week with friends visiting, lunching with my GF's and my brother Ron came over and he had my other brother Rick in tow. I haven't seen him for about 5 years and I was so Happy! It was wonderful and gave me the lift I needed

So yesterday I did managed to make a few cards... My fingers don't grip too well but I have so many sketched and painted pieces and bits that I ought to use up so I'll share a couple today and maybe some later in the week...
First up is an anniversary card for my friend

I drew and painted the image and added a little bit of card that was embossed and swiped with a platinum ink pad then added glitter and gold leafing the to image


I'm just squeezing this in at 
The next card is a birthday card I made using up one of my painted pieces and a flower I painted ages ago from  digital stamp I got from Etsy

The centre of the flower is done with liquid pearls

Sometimes I just find pieces that go together and I think these work well together and I'm entering it at 

The Flower Challenge

 As always I wish you a beautiful day... I'll visit you all soon

Take care

~ Ros ~