Saturday, May 30, 2015

Friends and freezer paper

A weird title? Well I'll explain as I go ...

Yesterday was Day 4 of Mask-erade

The lesson was about using freezer paper ... readily available to my American friends so I see, but not here in the UK ... I could order it online ... the lowest price I found would have been about £10 with postage... having already ordered some masking paper and masking fluid (not cheap either) I decided I would try and improvise...
Freezer paper allows you to mask your image and be able to watercolour over it - that's the beauty of the product
So I tried ordinary transparent contact paper and I then tried a thicker patterned contact paper ... the sort you use to cover furniture etc.,

This is the result of the thicker contact paper ... It really worked the best and maybe the image is not as pronounced as the samples shown with freezer paper but it still gives a good result using the Chloe Stem by Memory Box

Now although the thin contact didn't work so well, for some reason I actually love the result I got using my 'hello' die ... It's not so clear but it has a lovely look to me

You can make out the "hello" but it's imperfection is what appeals to me

So to all my British friends out there ... If you have contact paper - give it a go or buy some as it is soooo much cheaper than freezer paper and no ironing either

A quick update about my sick friend ... I managed to get to the hospital to see her yesterday evening and though she is still in a very bad way there was a slight improvement which was brilliant news!
She can't talk but old friends don't need to talk - they just hold hands...
I held her hand for a long while and then massaged her aching back till it was time to leave.
Thank you for your well wishes and your prayers

Have a lovely weekend

~ Ros ~