Sunday, January 12, 2014


Hello and good morning!

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 chosen for us by the lovely Milagros is 


A fabulous prompt but one that really had me thinking! I had to delve into my archives for some of these ...
The beautiful Bellver Castle in Majorca ... a 14th Century fortress that overlooks the City of Palma provides stunning Shadows throughout the day as the sun moves around

It is so perfectly preserved and the architecture is amazing with a circle of arches in the main courtyard

Of course it is an Island of sunshine even in the winter months ... The streets are so narrow that one side is always in the Shadow ... which is where I head when it is too hot ...
This was taken some years ago in the month of November

So I was happy to step out of the Shadows

One of the funniest photos I took was the Shadow created by a bird on a sun canopy ... It looks headless ...

... because he was peeking over the top

Then there is a strange one ... someone hiding in the Shadows?

Did you ever play the game of making Shadows on the wall with your hands when you were a child? My brothers and I use to do it all the time so the other day in a brief moment of sunshine I tried to recreate this with my hand against the fence ...

Do you see something eerie in the Shadow? No?
Look closer...

Who is that guy in the Shadow??

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It's my birthday today so I'm off out to lunch with my family

Have a beautiful day

~ Ros ~