Sunday, March 02, 2014


Good morning friends

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This week is Rain ... chosen for us by Kirsty

Something we in the UK are very familiar with all year round... It has been in excess this year in the southern part of the British Isles and wreaked so much devastation and heartbreak ...

We have been fortunate where I am ... But still the dark dismal days of winter rain gets to you

Cold and wet and miserable ... unless you make friends with it

Yet the summer rain...

It's often gentle pitter patter cleans the air and leaves behind it a scent of indescribable freshness ... It heightens the perfume of every flower and leaf ... 

Of course heavy showers can pick their moments ... usually when the flowers are in bloom and the weight becomes too much for some of the more delicate beauties that they bow their heads and fall

But a walk in the summer rain in the UK can be so beautiful...

A favourite for me is when I am tucked up snuggly in bed and the rain is lashing against the window

It's like a lullaby ...

Rain ... much as we complain ... I wouldn't be without it

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Enjoy your day 

Till soon

~ Ros ~