Tuesday, May 04, 2021


 Hello friends... I hope this finds you well

We've had a bit of rain these past few days and it makes everything look so fresh. I managed to do some tidying in the garden at the weekend and I just love to look out and see the trees with their leaves unfurling and the garden coming into life.

Today I'm sharing some more paintings that I did sometime ago... The first one was sent to a friend of mine

She was the one who bought me my first set of Prima paints and look where that led me

This next one is a personal favourite and one my husband loves too

I was thinking about the friend I lost, how much I miss her, the conversations we had that I don't have with anyone else... Our friendship was special 

Sometimes you just need to be alone with your thoughts and your memories and in my case, paint how I was feeling

Okay, that's it for now... I'm off to visit you all 

Have a lovely day - Till next time

~ Ros ~