Monday, March 30, 2020

A Piece of the Garden

I'm lost with the days... One just flows into another and the clocks going forward only added to the confusion Lol! 
The warm sunshine we were experiencing quickly developed in to dull and cold weather.
Someone asked me if I was bored yet... Me bored???
In truth I think I've been social isolating for years. DH was always either working or out somewhere with someone so I got used to being alone and found lots to occupy myself with... Boredom to me is doing the same things without progression... I like to learn, try new things.
As you know I've been trying free hand painting with watercolours lately and the one I'm sharing today has to be my very favourite and IS going to be framed
 I did do a little sketching first, just to get the pots as a starting point - I seem to have a 'thing' about plant pots

My friend Stella bought me my first set of Prima paints and once I started to use them I was sold
I do use a little bit of acrylic paint for the white dots you often see, and here, for the purple berries.
Unfortunately my garden pots are not as pretty but small shoots are starting to appear, maybe by time we are out of isolation there will be flowers too. Till then I'll create my own and continue to pop into your blogs and enjoy the beauties you share
 Have a good day and take care

~ Ros ~