Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dreaming of Peaceful Days ....

... Yep, that's me 
Every day seems to throw up a new challenge ... And I'm not talking craft challenges 
I'd like to say I'm longing for normality around here but I can't remember what that is anymore

I've dealt with broken appliances, car problems, broken glasses, sick cats and an incapacitated husband ... I've run around to so many hospital appointments I feel like part of the staff ... 

Having now got Gipsy fit and well, the little ginger cat turned up with a nasty injury to his foot ... I had been dreading having to take him to the vet ... He's been a stray for a long time and I didn't want to have to break his trust just yet... Even though I needed to get him neutered ... But fate intervened and so yesterday he was neutered, had his foot cleaned and was vaccinated ...
We brought him home at about 4.30 and he was so eager to get out ... I managed to keep him in until 8.30pm when the anaesthetic had worn off but had to let him go then ... So far he hasn't returned and I am worried sick ... I need to get pain killers into him so I am keeping my fingers crossed he returns safe and well.

So, Monday was my friend's anniversary ... I made the card a while ago and posted it here ... You know what I'm going to say don't you? Yes, when I came to get the card out on Sunday it was gone ... nowhere to be found ... How does that happen?? I searched everywhere ... but looking for a card in a room filled with card and paper ... Yeh right! The worst thing ... my mojo took a hike too! I could have easily recreated the original but - forgive the pun - I hadn't the heart to. After hours of pulling my hair out I did create a card ... and yes it's very like the original

I added the little black cat in the hope of good luck ... for me really Lol!

Well I'm going to love you and leave you now ... there are 3 places I need to be ... at one time

I hope you are having a better 2014 than I am ...

Till soon take care

~ Ros ~