Saturday, November 12, 2016

Card and Tag

Hello and good morning...

Well, hubby is home and happy to be back except for the weather of course, which has been quite icy.
I enjoyed my 'me' time and doodle around with paint to make a few Christmas cards
Here's one of them with a matching tag

The little die cut is a new one from a place here in the UK called The Works...
We don't have much in the way of craft shops but lately this store has been adding a few stamps and dies to their range of books and art supplies and they are really inexpensive, so to my British friends- Check them out!

I'm not really a tag maker but I hate to waste any of the painted pieces and this little scrap made a really sweet tag 

 I thought I'd enter it at
Where Diane Jaquay is the featured artist - This is her lovely tag

I hope you have a lovely Saturday ... 

~ Ros ~