Saturday, October 09, 2021

And so ends another week...

 Hello there... This week has gone so fast! 

It's very dull here today but we've enjoyed a few days of really warm weather and nature isn't quite sure what to make of things. Flowers are blooming...

Alongside the holly...

...and the garden chairs are out again.

On Monday I went to my flexercise class and had fun with the ladies as we tried to master new steps and positions that taxed the brain as much as the body. I never thought exercise could make me laugh so much.
Wednesday was lunch with my friends and Thursday was flu jab day. The jab left me feeling really rough but I was determined not to miss a catch up (last night) with my long time GF's. I dosed up on paracetamol, went along and had a brilliant night.
I did fit in a little crafty time and have a couple of cards to share 

I just paint randomly and then look for shapes I can outline and remove paint here and there with water

The second card is done the same way

And I also used a grey pencil 
I'll catch up with your blogs soon, in the meantime have a lovely day and thank you for stopping by

~ Ros ~