Saturday, April 22, 2017

CCCB Winner

Good morning lovely people ...

I'm back from a short break in Lincoln with my adorable Aunt... Oh my... I don't think I stopped laughing and talking... It's always so hard to leave.

Well, as you know I offered a prize to someone who both entered the challenge to CASE my card at City Crafter and also left a comment ... I got my Aunt to pull out a winner and the winner is
Well done to you Maria ... I loved your card  - Please email me with your address at
to receive your prize.

I have a few photos to share before I go... I noticed a blackbird yesterday with a beak full of worms

Obviously there are babies to feed, but then the bird noticed some cat biscuits on a saucer and decided to have one... The funny thing was the bird kept hopping back to the plate and ate a fair share of the biscuits whilst still keeping those wriggling worms in it's beak!

Oh and there's a new kitty on the block ...

How gorgeous is she! Of course my son makes a big fuss of her and she calls everyday to see him. I just hope that she doesn't decide to leave her home for ours.

Have yourselves a wonderful weekend

~ Ros ~