Friday, August 27, 2021

Fox and Donkey

 Hello there...

How's your week been? Not much good news is there... Honesty I'm just happy to stay home and enjoy my hobbies. 

This week I've been trying to draw more animals.. namely a fox and a donkey. For some reason I found it really hard to draw a lifelike fox, let alone paint one but I'll share the result anyway

What do you think? Am I convincing you that it's a fox? 

And then the my little donkey...

I've a thing about eyes... They are the soul and they tell the story. They can bring a picture to life... or not
I always think donkeys have sad but gentle eyes - My donkey is a happy little one though,  he's well looked after.

Either way, I much prefer to live in the world of animals whether it be sketching, painting or just enjoying my own pets. 

Have a lovely day and enjoy your weekend

Till soon

~ Ros ~