Sunday, January 04, 2015


Hello and Happy New Year to you all!

Having taken a short break Our Beautiful World resumes this week
I've picked the word prompt for you and it's


Little did I know that when I picked this word sometime ago that prickly is just how my skin was going to be for the next month or two

Chestnuts are something I love to eat ... hot or cold but collecting them is dangerous work ... they are so sharp and prickly

My husband collected some for me last autumn ... they were plentiful on the golf course lol!
I have very sensitive skin and much as I love my garden, just brushing up against some of the shrubs gives me hives

Prickly rain soaked holly - I have 2 kinds ... the darker and the lighter

But it was none of these that affected me ... Nor was it pruning back the prickly rose bushes

Perhaps it was the prickly Christmas tree?

Who knows? Suffice to say something gave me an itchy unsightly rash which became infected and took 2 trips to the doctor before they could find something to help me.  
 Finally I am seeing results ... Teach me for picking this word huh?

Why don't you challenge yourself this year to photograph something that fits our prompt and link up to 

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It's my wedding anniversary today ... 15 years so I'm being taken out for breakfast

Enjoy your day

Till soon

~ Ros ~