Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Puddle Brook Continued

 Hi there...

I wasn't going to post but Ellie was so insistent that I show you her pretty sparkly fairy dress that she got for her birthday and she wore for the wedding

unfortunately the sparkles don't show too well on the dress but they do on the hat, which is 2 sizes too big but her Mother's says she will grow into. Either way, Ellie loves it....

And the one thing she so desperately wanted you all to see are her new shoes, shiny black patent ankle straps with glitter in

I know the photo is a little blurred but Ellie couldn't keep still - swishing her dress this way and that and constantly admiring her shoes.
I'm kinda jealous... When I was a little girl all my friends had the new fashion of black patent ankle straps and I would have given anything for a pair too. However, my mother insisted that black was not a colour for little girls and I had to wait 30 years for them to be fashionable again, I bought them and still have them.

Now before I go, and I will be back with photos of the happy couple in due course, I wanted to tell you a funny story that happened on the night the families got together pre- wedding.
Aunt Grace and Uncle Harold came over... I think everyone has an Aunt Grace in their family though perhaps not called Grace... In my family it was Aunt Elise, "Great" Aunt Elise (on my Mother's side),  a tiny slip of a woman but one look could turn you to jelly. You never spoke or made a sound when she arrived and you NEVER made eye contact..
Anyway,  it turned out Claude and Harold had a lot in common, one of them being fishing and they got on like a house on fire consuming quite a bit of red wine throughout the evening until Grace decided it was time to leave. Well, Harold's beak was practically glowing as he staggered this way and that and giggled non stop when suddenly he was lying on his back, feet up in the air. "Harold!" screeched Grace, "what on earth are you doing? Get up this instant!"
" gazing" giggled Harold... "Come on old girl... don't you remember when we used to lie in the long grass star gazing? Come on down here and give us a kiss..."
Suddenly there was a ripple of muffled laughter from further down the path... Seems the whole party were watching and listening - Grace was mortified!

I dread to think what happened the following day... Poor Harold

So that's it for now... 

Have a great day

~ Ros ~