Saturday, July 23, 2016

Retirement Card

Hello there ...

I'm feeling a little better having taken a short blog break... It's taken awhile to settle following the loss of my friend, I'm still not sleeping but that is partly down to the heat and my son has not been well.

Ross, however, is doing fine now and is at home recovering after a tonsillectomy that didn't go too well... And finally my home is looking a little straighter!

A couple of weeks ago we had the lounge redecorated but the fabric for the cushion covers hadn't been touched and there was so many things I needed to do including moving the furniture back, now the cushion covers are done, the furniture is back except for the new suite which has been delayed and I've done some card making - Ha! you should see how much ended up in the bin though...

One of the cards is a retirement card for my BIL - here it is

I'm loving that cat ... he's a digital from 'From The Heart Stamps' and I coloured him with Copics

I saw the sentiment on Pinterest and thought that in my case it is perfectly correct!

I also made another masculine card for my husband's friend who celebrates his birthday soon ... I'll share it with you next week

I hope you are enjoying your weekend, it's lovely weather here but a little muggy for me
I'll be catching up with you all very soon...

Take care

~ Ros ~