Friday, November 26, 2021

Winter Nights

 Hello and Happy Thankgiving to my friends across the pond.

I'm feeling much better now though the weather has turned very cold and it makes me just wnant to hibernate until Spring. I'm so glad I have so many hobbies to keep me busy or I think I would just vegetate.

I don't always have inspiration when making cards but one of my favourite things to do, which really relaxes me, is to paint with water over randomly painted watercolour. I've shared some before where I just take a wet paintbrush and paint shapes. Today I have 4 I did to share


They are all very glittery and in the same theme

I just love doing the trees and of course there just has to be a house...

Of course I should point out that you only get one go with water... Once the paint is marked it's marked

Today is a sad day for my city, our Christmas lights were turned on last evening and it should have been a happy event. Sadly a 12 year old girl lost her life after being stabbed by a group of young boys. I know every city in the world has it's problems and we have our fair share but this event has touched the community and even our local radio presenter broke down in tears this morning. I don't know if things will ever get better, after all we have enough to concern ourselves with, but I pray that one day the streets will be safe for our children, our grandchildren and ourselves.

Till soon my friends

~ Ros ~