Sunday, June 05, 2022

Pen & Paint & Prayers

 Hello there, I hope this finds you well

It's a wet and miserable Sunday here, thankfully we had a decent day yesterday when most of the Jubilee celebration parties were planned. We stayed home and I did some painting.

My version of dragonflies and though you can't see it they have a coating of shimmer on their wings

A little bird who is happy to see summer arriving... 
And my last card I'd scrapped as the stamping is a bit off but I added some painted flowers so now it doesn't look too bad

Thanks so much for your prayers - Not only do I have my consultant appointment for my cervical spine next week, but the clinic was moved to another hospital so I managed to get an appointment with the consultant who diagnosed my neck problems and also operated on my spine. Knowing I will have someone who I know and trust means the world to me. 
I also have 2 visits to the eye hospital next week including the laser treatment so it's going to be a busy one...

Thank you all again... Have a good week

~ Ros ~