Thursday, December 30, 2021

Good Luck

 Hello there friends...

I hope you all enjoyed Christmas... 

It's not the same as it used to be, not just because of the pandemic but most of us can remember the old fashioned Christmases we enjoyed with loved ones and then times with our children when they were little, sharing in their excitement. It's not the same now but each year is a bonus...

Our Christmas was quiet and thankfully DH had improved enough to enjoy the day. His PCR test was negative so it was a chest infection that knocked him out for almost a week...

I have a card to share with you, though not a lot of crafting has been done here other than some sewing, but DH needed a card for a friend who moved house just before Christmas.


I actually drew and painted this months ago and it seemed to me to be perfect for the occasion.  This same friend moved house a few years back and I sent him a card then... It seems he liked it so much that he kept it and took it with him to this new house, How nice is that!


I happen to be a lover of windchimes which is why I drew these blowing in the wind, I can just imagine being in that place.

Well I have a new toy to play with and it's not a papercraft toy.. It's an overlocker for my sewing. I hope I can get to grips with it, I tell you this hobby is far more expensive than my papercrafting one haha! I saw a You Tube video of how to make a patternless top with just one metre of fabric and gave it a go... Here's the result

It worked and it fits fine too

Well my friends, I'm wishing you all not just a lovely day but a very happy and healthy New Year.
Thank you for your friendships that have not only brought fun, beauty and inspiration into my life but many times kept me sane and comforted me...


~ Ros ~

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Guys & Gals

 Hello there ... How are you? Well I hope

My hubby has been quite sick with a chest infection - We both took a couple of Covid tests and they were negative so he's also done a PCR test for which we are awaiting results...As luck would have it, the doctor phoned regarding a routine review of hubby's meds and he prescribed some antibiotics. Hopefully he will be up and about in the next few days. I'm exhausted going up and down the stairs (wearing a mask) Lol!

This month I have a few birthdays to accomodate, both male and female. First up I'm sharing the card I made for my friends' daughter

I drew a dress on a dress form and stenciled the balloons. Whilst I was painting this my brother rang so I was painting one handed whilst we chatted - Didn't turn out too bad and it's very sparkly

For my nephew I made a card similar to one I did earlier in the year

I stenciled the background, printed the drink from a digital and covered it with clear gloss E/P 

I drew and painted the hat and the band around the hat is glossy but it doesn't show here.

And finally, I have been able to do some sewing though I can't sit for long so it's taken a few days to finish my last make,  with a fleece lined sweatshirt fabric that I love... Here it is

That's it for now... I hope you enjoy your day, stay warm and safe

~ Ros ~

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

More Cards

 Hello friends...

Sorry I haven't been to visit for awhile, I'm struggling with my back and legs once again so it's been a little difficult. I am scheduled to see my consultant again in the new year and fingers crossed things can be resolved without further surgery. It's a little concerning but I'm trying to stay optimistic.

Anyway, I have a few more cards to share today... I may be a cat lover but I am also a huge dog lover as I know some of you are too so two cards for a Doggie Christmas

And a few more Holly cards...

I have managed to get all my cards posted but I've not been able to put any decorations up yet.

Thank you for all of the beautiful handcrafted cards I've received, I really appreciate your friendship and I hope to be able to visit you soon.

Be safe and enjoy your day

~ Ros ~

Monday, December 06, 2021

Snow People

Hello friends...

It's been such a busy morning for me.. I went on the computer to do my comments and found that my blog list had totally disappeared. I tried everything I could think of to put it right but got nowhere. The frustration was driving me nuts and then,THEN... I realised that if I typed them all in from scratch, they would stay on my blog.  Of course I had to try and remember those that were not on my reading list (what is that for?) Eventually a list finally appeared where it should be. Phew! Blogger has been quite a headache of late and I'm really not that tech savy

Then I had visitors... Our cousin Pete together with Sean and his young boy had travelled up from Cornwall for the football match this evening. Oh it was good to see them and have a little time to chat before they went off to explore the city.
So posting is a little late but I wanted to post some of my snow people cards and enter one at the

I had fun making these...

See I say snow people 'cos I'm not sure if they are guys or gals... I just drew them

and created different backgrounds

I'm surprised that we haven't had more snow here, it's been so cold.

Now there is something I did want to ask you lovely people... How the heck do you post more than one card to a challenge using the same post. I struggle to fathom this out so if you can help I would be very appreciative... Edit Got it! Thanks Dar!

Okay, it's lunch time and I'm starving so that's it for today...
Have a good one

Till soon

~ Ros ~

Sunday, December 05, 2021

Birthday Bling


I'm popping in with a birthday card today... I have lots more Christmas cards to share but this month I have to accomodate a few birthdays too. I don't know about you but sometimes the transitions from Christmas cards to birthday cards doesn't come easy. Too help me out I bought an embossing folder by Altenew. Like most of you, I have lots of the non 3D e/f's but they rarely get used and I've long admired the cards I see with the 3D folders.
Anyway, my friend celebrates her 70th this coming week and she loves anything with bling so here's what I came up with

And it really sparkles... I started with ink blending and water splatters, ran it through my maching to emboss, swiped some Versamark over the raised areas and added both my gold/silver mix embossing powder and a sparkly embossing powder...

...Then of course some gems. It may sound crazy but I also try to keep in with her decor. Her main room is a mix of greys, mirrored furniture and mirrored pictures. That way I am hoping that the colours I went with are to her liking.

Like I said, I have lots more Christmas cards to share but photographing them has been a nightmare as we have had very dull and wet weather. I really need to get them written and posted too so I'd better get to it.

Have a lovely sunday... 

Till soon

~ Ros ~

Thursday, December 02, 2021

Holly Cards

 Hello friends...

I've a couple of Christmas cards to share that I made recently. Seeing as the challenge at Stamplorations is to use a stencil, I'm sharing the two that do include a stencil (Lavinia)


I drew the holly, painted it and then fussy cut it to layer over the stenciling

And my second card

Sans the washi tape but with some gold splatters on the stenciling

I'm not sure which one I prefer... I'll share some more in my next post.

Stay well and stay safe... Even though it's compulsory to wear masks in shops now, there are so many people here who just will not comply, makes me so mad.

Till soon

~ Ros ~

Monday, November 29, 2021

Here Comes Winter

 Hello...I hope this finds you all well

Yep, the white stuff paid us a visit this weekend as did storm Arwen. Fortunately we are fine but there has been a lot damage around - This is the hall where I do my exercise...


...So no classes till next year now.

It's not all bad news though, eslewhere the penguin community are enjoying their pre Chritmas party celebrations

Having scanned my penguin sketch into the computer I can play around with it. Here I arrange 4 of the (same) image and flipped some horizontally. The weird thing is that each one looks different when they're painted. It's as though they all have a different look and personality. I don't plan it that way it just happens.

Here's another one...

See what I mean? At least the cold doesn't bother them.

I've done quite a few Christmas cards over the weekend as well as make mince pies and mini bakewells - I also made some trousers and whilst I am saving on NOT buying craft supplies, I'm spending a fortune on fabric Lol! 

I'll leave you with one more of the scenic cards I did... All is Calm

Though you can't see it, the houses and trees are outlined with a sakura glitter pen so it looks very sparkly.

Thank you for your visit, stay safe, stay well and have a lovely week

Till soon

~ Ros ~

Friday, November 26, 2021

Winter Nights

 Hello and Happy Thankgiving to my friends across the pond.

I'm feeling much better now though the weather has turned very cold and it makes me just wnant to hibernate until Spring. I'm so glad I have so many hobbies to keep me busy or I think I would just vegetate.

I don't always have inspiration when making cards but one of my favourite things to do, which really relaxes me, is to paint with water over randomly painted watercolour. I've shared some before where I just take a wet paintbrush and paint shapes. Today I have 4 I did to share


They are all very glittery and in the same theme

I just love doing the trees and of course there just has to be a house...

Of course I should point out that you only get one go with water... Once the paint is marked it's marked

Today is a sad day for my city, our Christmas lights were turned on last evening and it should have been a happy event. Sadly a 12 year old girl lost her life after being stabbed by a group of young boys. I know every city in the world has it's problems and we have our fair share but this event has touched the community and even our local radio presenter broke down in tears this morning. I don't know if things will ever get better, after all we have enough to concern ourselves with, but I pray that one day the streets will be safe for our children, our grandchildren and ourselves.

Till soon my friends

~ Ros ~

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Kitty Cats

 Good morning friends...

Just a quick post today, I'm feeling a little under the weather after having my booster jab. The doctor warned me I would given that I was not too well after my first jab. Hopefully I will be okay tomorrow.

Today I have a two Christmas cards to share, made from a previous drawing I did of a cat and scanned to my computer

I decided to keep the pencil lines, from the drawings but added a little colour to the eyes then drew and painted the hat and holly

The sprig die cut is brought out every year! It was cut from a scrap of painted card, dipped in Versamark and clear embossed

And the second card

I glued silver thread around the circle here which was tricky as that thread did not want to stay put.

Cats look kinda funny without their ears showing huh? I debated about adding ears through the hat but in the end I just left it because it's not a 'whole' face anyway

That's it for now... I hope you are enjoying your weekend, it's gloriously sunny here but sooo cold!

Thanks for stopping by and for all your amazing comments about my sewing attempts as well as my cards, makes me happy!


Till soon

~ Ros ~

Thursday, November 18, 2021


Hello there...I hope this finds you well 

I've a few minute to spare before I cook dinner so I thought I'd pop in and share a few things

I'm still sketching, painting and sewing so first up a couple of Christmas cards with my sketched and painted penguin

I haven't put a sentiment on this one, maybe I will later

I think he's quite a cutie... And the second one

...with his own little tree


As for the sewing, well, I thought you'd like to see my last makes

This tunic top was made using a PDF freebie which was for a dress with a swirl skirt (not me) but just using the top part I've adapted it to make a few different tops and tunics

Unfortunately the colour doesn't show too well, it's more of a pale green and it's stretch fabric with a soft fleece type underside

The flower spray was a buy from Aliexpress and I had to hand sew it using invisible thread which was a nightmare I can tell you, but I think it was worth it.

The next one is a fleece coat, I used the same pattern I had for my dressing gown

It looks a lot nicer on and is really cosy with side pockets and double layered hood.

The weather here has remained quite mild now I have all these warm things to wear - Always the way.

Anyway I hope you like my makes

Be safe my friends...

~ Ros ~

Monday, November 15, 2021

Paint Your Sparkle


I didn't expect to be posting again today but I made quite a few Christmas cards yesterday so today whilst I have a minute two cards

I had a digital image of the wellington boots from a free colouring page and I drew and painted everything else
My first card

The 'paintbrush' is supposed to be adding the sparkle and though it's not very apparent in the photos, I have added a little video at the end of my post which shows it better

The second card is a smaller version of the first one done without the lines and painted softer - after drawing the foliage and paintbrush I scanned the image so I could print it again to paint and alter the size

This time I omitted the black lines and painted it softer

Do you have a preference? I'm liking the soft colours

I used stencil paste and glitter for the snow, gold paint, gold glitter pen and Mod Podge dimensional for the dots on the boots and the sentiment is computer generated.

And here's a short video link so you can see that sparkle... I've had trouble trying to upload the original video so I hope this works 

Have a good day friends
~ Ros ~


Saturday, November 13, 2021

A Few More

 Hello friends...

Another busy week has flown by with birthdays, anniversaries and a lunch date with my two girlfriends included.

I want to thank you all for your kind comments on my sewing.. You blew me away! I am still having fun and enjoying it though it does tax my brain I can tell you. I was getting so fed up of clothes not fitting properly... Body shape changes as we age and everything seems to be made with the young people in mind, well, here in the UK anyway. I really still don't feel comfortable going into shops as virtually no one wears a mask and people don't bother keeping their distance either. So making myself something new or altering something I have is like having a new wardrobe. 
Pinterest has given me so many ideas and information that I just want to explore. For the pinafore I took the shape from my apron and developed it from there though fitting something on yourself is not easy. I did a lot of sewing when I was a young girl but the patterns I kept no longer fit my shape so now I'm going to try and draft my own (she says)... I let you know if I'm successful.

So today I am sharing a few more of my house cards and one of the mushroom cards...

I've a few more mushroom ones to put together yet... It's just making time.

I'm off to visit your blogs now... Have a lovely weekend and stay safe.

Till next time

~ Ros ~