Saturday, November 13, 2021

A Few More

 Hello friends...

Another busy week has flown by with birthdays, anniversaries and a lunch date with my two girlfriends included.

I want to thank you all for your kind comments on my sewing.. You blew me away! I am still having fun and enjoying it though it does tax my brain I can tell you. I was getting so fed up of clothes not fitting properly... Body shape changes as we age and everything seems to be made with the young people in mind, well, here in the UK anyway. I really still don't feel comfortable going into shops as virtually no one wears a mask and people don't bother keeping their distance either. So making myself something new or altering something I have is like having a new wardrobe. 
Pinterest has given me so many ideas and information that I just want to explore. For the pinafore I took the shape from my apron and developed it from there though fitting something on yourself is not easy. I did a lot of sewing when I was a young girl but the patterns I kept no longer fit my shape so now I'm going to try and draft my own (she says)... I let you know if I'm successful.

So today I am sharing a few more of my house cards and one of the mushroom cards...

I've a few more mushroom ones to put together yet... It's just making time.

I'm off to visit your blogs now... Have a lovely weekend and stay safe.

Till next time

~ Ros ~