Sunday, June 08, 2014


Good morning!

How are you all? Ready for a new prompt word at Our Beautiful World?

This week Manuela has chosen our prompt and it's Animals

It's no secret that I am a huge animal lover ... and that I have cats ... I've always had cats ... they find me... homeless cats, sick cats, pregnant cats ... they all know where to come ... My son feels the same affection and empathy for animals ... probably even more than me  

So you'd think this prompt would be easy for me ... and having so many animal photos, in many ways it was ... but looking back on those animals I've lost was really really hard ...

 If I am being totally honest ... nothing is as wonderful as having a dog... especially one you have rescued

This is Holly ... so named because I rescued her from death row at the RSPCA one Christmas ... She was in a sorry state and they thought she couldn't be homed ... She had fear aggression, all her ribs were cracked from being kicked and she was painfully thin... Nothing that a whole lot of love couldn't and didn't fix in my opinion
The photo was taken years ago when we rented a place in Derbyshire and spent a week hiking around. Holly was terrified of horses but this guy followed her the whole length of that road behind the wall and eventually they got close... 

I lost Holly to cancer some years ago ... My heart still aches

Kelly was her predecessor ... another rescue dog who was a four legged angel ... These girls got me through some of the toughest times of my life.... They really rescued me

But now we just have cats ... If you've been following my blog you will know that recently one of them ... Gipsy ... returned after being away for almost 2 weeks

She's reclaimed her box and the house ... And constantly reminds us that we are her humans 
This photo sums her up ... 

She is so rude to little Ginger ... or should I say big Ginger ... he's gotten fat!

Now is that a sad face? 
He's become my shadow ... in many ways he reminds me of my dogs ... never far from my side, devoted and grateful for being taken in ... unlike Miss Gipsy who had us up from 4am once again ... Of all the cats needing a home my son picks that one! 

We're really looking forward to seeing your photos this week ... me especially Lol!

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