Tuesday, April 04, 2023

It's me...


I hope this finds you well and enjoying the start of Spring.

So lots has happened since I last posted - Yes we got a 4 day break in Majorca and the weather was fabulous and we really enjoyed it

This was taken after a long day walking around Palma

We did a lot of walking in sunshine whilst the UK had nothing but rain.

I've also been painting ...A lot! Not everything turns out well but it takes me to a good place and if you read on you will understand

Yesterday I was diagnosed with breast cancer...
Yep, someone decided I didn't have enough to deal with but at least I now know - It has been the waiting, the not knowing that has been hard to deal with. Having time away was a welcome distraction.

I had to undergo quite a lot of biopsies, scan etc, and yesterday another MRI but I've been lucky... Crazy you may think but the prognosis is good thus far and hopefully the MRI won't change that. Next week I will know for sure and be scheduled for surgery with a further treatment plan.
There is no history of breast cancer in my maternal family and I was shocked to hear that 1 in every 8 post menopausal women will get the type of cancer I have... There was nothing I did or took that made it happen.
So you see why painting has been my obsession, my saving grace and why I really haven't wanted to blog either.

Today I will share a random selection of the paintings I've done, they are not the easiest to photograph, cards are so much easier...


Ok...I will post whenever I can to let you know how things are going, I also have to see my neuro consultant next week at the same hospital so 2 more visits in one week but I'll take each day as it comes.
One last share ... I saw this and it fits me perfectly

Be safe my friends 


~ Ros