Saturday, June 09, 2012

Life's a challenge

Hi there 
Here's my card for this weeks challenge at Jingle Belles ... which is to make a project related to a Christmas song or carol ...

Sorry about the poor photo ... the weather is to blame ... 

I hope you can see that little village .. so ok it's not quite Bethlehem ... but the best I could come up with 

I inked up the embossing folder first with a pale blue ink ... looks better IRL

Getting this done was no mean feat ... I have been up half the night due to a cat who wanted to go out ... but didn't ... if you know what I mean ... See ... the weather has been abysmal ... We have had torrential rain  for days and add to that some strong gusts of wind and ... well cats just don't like it anymore than we do and she makes it known ... constantly! 
There has been only one break in her whining and that was when she decided to curl up on my chair in my craft room meaning I had to stand to make this card or risk the whining again ... she had that look on her face ... you know the one that says "I dare you..." Of course as soon as said card was made ... she vacated!
I was going to tell you about my server suddenly not recognising me as a customer ... and the 'know it all technicians' who presume to tell me that the problem is me...  I am typing incorrectly,  my computer has been hacked into, my browser is at fault ... there is No problem at their end so it has to be me ... 2 days of calls ... my temper frayed ... and finally Sky admitted that someone at their end had inadvertently disabled our account ...
 I was going to tell you ... but I'll only depress myself

Enjoy your weekend ... it's an early night for me with ear plugs I think!

~ Ros ~