Sunday, October 30, 2016


Good morning everyone...

I'm popping in with my photos for this week's prompt at

Kirsty has chosen the word Orange for us and it's amazing when you look around just how many things can fit the prompt. Of course there are lots of pumpkins around at this time of year ... They're relatively new to the UK and I spotted these mini ones they call Munchkins at our local supermarket

These little things cost nearly a £1 each! But then considering there are many orange groves in Majorca, the fresh orange juice there is expensive too... Maybe the cost includes the sugar which I never use

 Their fruit and vegetables are amazing and I love the displays they make with them

 Lots of orange there! Even the human statues are orange

Here at home we still have orange coloured flowers blooming...

Which reminds me of the orange coloured visitors to the garden

Butterflies and ladybirds ... Right now there are lots of ladybirds around which is very strange for this time of year

And one other Orange visitor is a cat we call Foxy ... for obvious reasons

...And I couldn't ignore my own Ginger boy

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Have a lovely day

~ Ros ~