Monday, November 08, 2021

Birthday Card and Sewing

 Hello and happy Monday

I hope you are all keeping well and not stressing too much now that Christmas is nearly upon us. I refuse to get stressed and have made more Christmas cards but today's card is a birthday card for a friend

I wasn't sure I'd ever get inspiration to make this - Seems I can only concentrate on one theme at a time and I was busy making Christmas cards, some of which feature a mushroom ( still to be shared with you) so I decided to sketch one for a birthday card too.

I had the glossy stuff out so my mushroom got a good dose of that too. So glad I got this done as her birthday is on Thursday. The flowers were all fussy cut from a piece of DP by the way.

Thank you for all your lovely comments and messages, I really appreciate hearing from you all and you always make me feel happy. I've encountered a few problem posting comments back to you... Blogger seems okay with a one liner but anything more it hesitates.
Some of you asked me to share a little of my sewing... Well I never realised how difficult photographing clothes is but I managed a couple.
Please don't expect miracles, I do a lot of things but I wouldn't say I was perfect at anything

Here's a top I made

It does look better on and it was my first time using scuba fabric which was a lesson in itself

And my last make was a pinafore dress

I got the fabric at a bargain price, it's needlecord but it was quite lightweight so I double up on the fabric and lined it too. What a headache I gave myself but in the end I was quite pleased. I've always wanted a pinafore dress and considering it only cost me about £6 plus the lining well, what can I say.
I don't have patterns either... I take a lot of ideas and things from pinterest, bless those who share

Okay that's me for today... I'm off to class soon to stretch my joints.
Have a lovely week and take care

Till next time

~ Ros ~