Thursday, September 30, 2021

All's Well that Ends Well

 Hello there...

Well yesterday started off badly. My knee had given me pain during the night and I got up to find that my bathroom tap (faucet) had literally fallen off. I only had the en suite remodelled 5 years ago and there have been so many problems with it that the repair guys are like family.
I was left to deal with the matter as DH went into the city for his appointment at the MGUS clinic - Turned out he had got the dates wrong and his appointment is actually for today....Yeah, not a good start to the day.

However, it ended really well. I pulled out my paints (that always calms me) with no particular plan or idea other than just watching the colours collide and ended up with 4 unexpected paintings.

It all started with this one...

My mood determined the colours of blues and black which I randomly painted on the diagonal and that's when I had the idea to use a wet paintbrush to drag the paint form shapes. As you know, if the cardstock gets too wet it can pill but that was to my advantage to give me texture as trees appeared, which I then outlined with my fine liner.

Oh I had to try that again but this time I used my fingers to move the paint around too and I had a moonlight forest with a little house I could hide away in...

I was having so much fun I continued...

The colours got lighter as did my mood and I couldn't resist adding little doors to those trees and then I was smiling, wondering who else lived in that forest until finally...

Gold dust was falling down and what started as a bad day ended a good day. 

I still don't have a tap and I'm miffed about that but I do have my paints...

Have a good day friends

~ Ros ~

Monday, September 27, 2021

Little wonky Houses

Good morning friends...

The sun is just putting in an appearance after a night of heavy rain and high winds which have left a ton of leaves around...

Today I have a couple of my paintings to share - Anyone who follows me will know I have a penchant for little houses. I love those little driftwood ones up on Pinterest and I have something similar on my mantle

Aren't they sweet? The shells are lights by the way. Anyway I had a desire to paint some myself

...Cos I love the sea

 I even pulled out a cover plate and used part of the die cut on the bottom of the card

Some old Rubons were perfect for the sentiment and whilst looking for them I discovered a bottle of Puffy Stuff, well why not...

Then again a little place not so close to the sea would be just as good, a solitary place to paint and sketch all day and maybe a little sewing too

And I added some of the negative bits from that coverplate to the top of the card. One thing I still love are my frame dies, though I don't know what this one is, probably a set from Aliexpress.

I think I may even do some Christmassy houses... Oh wait did I just say the "C" word...

Have a lovely day and thanks again for your visit and your kind comments

Till soon

~ Ros ~

Friday, September 24, 2021

Lovely Days


I hope this finds you all well. I went for an x-ray this week, my knee has been troubling me for months and whilst they suspect it is arthritis, it hasn't been right since my fall last Christmas so it needs checking. We are still not able to have face to face appointments with a doctor sadly, and phone consults take weeks so not much I can do. When I'm at my exercise class my knee creaks like an old door - Talking of which, it must have been in my head when I did this...

I hope my knee doesn't look as bad as this door on the x-ray Lol!

But we're in Autumn, a beautiful season and so far it's been a warm one which is good considering the energy crisis - Yes our company went bust so we are waiting to hear what happens next. In the meantime I'm enjoying the season and made this next card with that in mind

That's the thing when I pick up my pencil, I can't seem to stop

 Apart from my sentiment stamps, it seems all the rest are being used less and less...

Have yourselves a lovely day and enjoy your weekend

~ Ros ~

Monday, September 20, 2021

It's All Black and White

 Hello friends!

I hope you are enjoying September, the weather here has been lovely. The mornings have a crisp autumnal feel but then the sun arrives, apologising for the awful August we endured.

Truthfully I haven't picked up my craft supplies in ages. My last posts were both scheduled for my GD spot and then I just got caught up doing other things, but not yesterday...
Yesterday afternoon I spent a few hours with my sketch book doodling away and then I made 4 cards which are quite different from the norm as all I used were a fine liner pen and an ordinary pencil. See what you think...

Often my shading gets lost in painting or copic colouring, using just a pencil helps me to learn

They kinda look strange, black and white - Like I converted them but I can assure you it's just pencil

Well of course there had to be mushrooms... My repertoire is not that vast Lol! 

And my last one? You guessed it right?

Aww, I had to have a cat, mine are always close by.

Every time I do something I learn a little more. For example I have a rough time doing ears on animals but the cat you see here started off with just the eyes and nose and I worked outwards doing the fur. I was going to leave it at just the eyes and nose but once I got the resemblance of a face the ears just 'fitted'.

I'd love to know what you think...

Thanks so much for your visit, enjoy your day/ evening. I've just done a flexercise class and I'm aching all over Lol!

Till next time

~ Ros ~

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Cas Mix Up Reminder

 Hello there... 

I'm back with another card for the CAS Mix Up Challenge reminder

Honestly I could play with Autumnal colours forever...

Of course there had to be a mushroom involved in my card

Not so sure that bees would still be around but I just couldn't resist... We still see them if it's mild and there are lots of those beech nuts scattered around our garden

Again I drew everything and then painted with Prima paints and if you look closely you may just spot the tiny vellum wings on the bee.

It's been a joy guesting this month for my favourite challenge... Thanks ever so much to the team for inviting me and thank you friends for your visit and your kind comments... Much appreciated

Have a lovely day

~ Ros ~

Thursday, September 09, 2021

A Little Bit Of Everything

 Hi... How are you?

Thanks so much for your kind comments, I'm feeling much better now and my brother came to visit which really lifted my spirits.
We've had a beautiful start to September weather wise, but today we have rain which is very welcome, not often I say that.
I've still a lot of paintings to make into cards but this past week I've been sewing, trying to finally use up all the bits of fabric I've been hoarding. I made myself 3 tops and also one for a friend who is so much slimmer than me meaning I could use up small bits.

Today I'm sharing a couple more of my painted sketches which include a bit of everything- Pens, stencils, ink blending, you name it.
First up my attempt at a wolf

You can see I used a fine liner pen for this guy and then added paint to both him and the BG and blended over the BG with distress ink before splattering with white paint

I'm sure this next one needs no introduction

Seals have such lovely eyes... Again a bit of everything including glossy accents for  bubbles and I tore the bottom of the paining to get a rough edge

And now I have to go cut my nails... They grow like weeds and I struggle to type. I see all these ladies having false nails applied and I have to keep cutting mine! Oh well...

Have a lovely day and thanks so much for your visit

Till soon

~ Ros ~

Monday, September 06, 2021

Flowers and Ruben

 Hello friends... 
I hope this finds you well? 
I've been a little out of sorts this past week, just not feeling 100% though I've kept myself busy sewing, painting and even some gardening. Maybe it's down to Ruben - I will explain below, but first a couple of cards.

These were made for friends 
First up is the green one...

This happens to be my favourite

But then you may prefer the blue one

...which is also quite glittery courtesy of a glitter gel pen. I'm not sure if you can see the sparkly frame but it is there

I tend to do my sketches on paper and then trace them onto the card stock, that way I can keep the original to use as many times as I like.

Now Ruben...

You may recall I recently painted a grey cat which looked like one I lost years ago... Well, we have been looking after a grey tom cat for about 4 years now. He comes regularly a few times a day, often with a couple of scratches that we've tended to, eats his food and off he goes. I've posted many times on various social media sites to see who owned him but to no avail so we continued to care for him.
Last week I saw a post on Facebook of a missing cat and it was our grey. I contacted the lady (who lives close by) to tell her he was here and it seems she 'adopted" him during the first lock down and named him Ruben. Well, cutting a long story short, I asked her to get him neutered when he came back and have him checked out - he was looking quite thin. He returned to her 4 days later and she took him to the vet but sadly it turned out he had cancer, his breathing was laboured and he had to be put to sleep.  
Honestly it broke my heart and I miss his little face...
Till soon
~ Ros ~

Wednesday, September 01, 2021

CAS Mix Up


I'm excited to be guesting over at the CAS Mix Up Challenge this month

And it's a watercolour challenge! Couldn't be better.

Who doesn't love the rich and beautiful colours of Autumn... It's probably one of the prettiest seasons

Here's my card

I loved doing this - drew the branch and leaves etc. and added every colour of autumn to it using Prima paints


I had a circle die that included the sentiment and tiny leaves so I die cut them in gold glitter CS and just cut out a few to add to the card.

Please go and visit the Blog to see the beauties created by the team and I really hope you will be inspired to play along.. Thank you to the team for inviting me this month... I loved it!

Till soon

~ Ros ~