Tuesday, October 10, 2017

This, That and Felicity's Birthday

Hello there...

A special little girl celebrates her first birthday shortly... My DH's Granddaughter Felicity
I can't believe how fast the time has gone!

Her parents are having a little party for her on Sunday in Derbyshire and though we have been invited,  I am unable to travel and DH refuses to go without me so we'll catch up with them another time.... Between you and me I'm happy I'm not going - It was Grandparents Day here a week ago and once again my hubby didn't get a single card from any of his 4 grandchildren... I know it hurts him and it makes me so mad!

Anyway, here's the card I've made for Felicity

Ink blending, stamping, masking and lots of glitter...

I cut out her name using the Cameo and stamped the polar bear (Yeah, I know he's a Christmas bear but I like him) before I removed the letters then put some double sided tape on the back and individually glittered each letter... I also used a die to cut out the balloons and glittered them too...Heck I'll be cleaning up glitter for the next few weeks! 

The little butterfly was from anther stamp set I got online - I love to mix and match

On another note, I went to my back appointment on Friday and had some acupuncture and manipulation which 'popped' something in my back and at least relieved the pain in my groin... I felt much better though it was still painful to sit ... Then when I woke on Saturday I was in so much pain down my leg I wanted to scream. DH was beside himself because nothing relieved the pain all day and night... Thankfully it has subsided to allow me less discomfort. I am due back there tomorrow for neurology testing and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that on Thursday I won't be screaming. I know it's going to be a long process but if it works and I can be 'normal' again after 9 months of struggling, well it will be worth it.

Finally I just want to thank the team at AAA Cards for awarding my card 1st place in their Autumn Colours challenge... That was something to smile about!

Ok... I have to move now so I'll wish you all a lovely day/evening

Take care

~ Ros ~