Saturday, July 31, 2021

Anniversary Bee

 Hello and thank you for stopping by...

Well, summer has gone and the rain continues. Last week it was sweltering, far too hot to sit out and now it's  too wet and cold to be out... I'm just glad I have so many hobbies to keep me happy.

In a weeks time friends of ours will be celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary and they've organized a garden party, sadly the weather forecast is not good but at least the card I made is summery...

I'll do my best to explain this one... 
I fussy cut some tiny flowers and butterflies from a piece of DP and then painted my own flower (top left) with the little bee to match the tiny ones...With me?
I knew I wanted to add some sort of shaker element

... And I wanted it soft and pretty.  I made it as one item and added it to the card - It's easier that way. I stuck down some of the fussy cut flowers and gems with the '50' and then added a few more shaker bits.
I'm really happy with the end result even though it took some time to come together. The congrats is cut from vellum that has little bits of gold on and there's a little drawn and painted gold vellum flower too.

I went on the make another little tag shaker to send to someone who needs a little cheering up right now.

And if you think I've finished with those bees, you are mistaken, I have made a few bee cards this past week... I bought a new plant a few months ago, a variety of salvia

The bees just LOVE it and I love incorporating them in my drawings

Before I let you get back to your coffee, can I just say a huge thank you to the team at CAS Mix Up for my win this month... It's always an honour especially when there are so many beautiful entries.

Have a lovely day, take care and be safe

Till soon

~ Ros ~

Wednesday, July 28, 2021


Hello there.... I hope you are all doing well and not too hot?
It's pleasant here at the moment and we've had a little rain too.
Last week it was far too hot and I stayed indoors and created the two cards I'm sharing today. First up

I couldn't think of anything more soothing than being on the cool water - This guy has the right idea

He's supposed to be fishing whilst his wife spends time at the beach but the rocking has sent him to sleep
No worries, she's keeping an eye on him

... And stayin' cool paddling in the water

I had fun doing these... If I can't be by the sea, I bring the sea to me and I'm sharing with 
who have a fun 'The Ocean is calling and I must go" challenge
DH is back from his travels and enjoyed catching up with his family in Devon - I'm still keeping up with my exercise classes (in spite of the heat) and I'm still sketching.

Thanks so much for your visit, stay well and have a lovely day
~ Ros ~

Sunday, July 25, 2021


 Hello there
It's cooled down a little over here and it's a lot more bearable but I'm still spending most of my time indoors. I've done a fair bit of sewing but the past couple of days I've pulled out my paints again. 
Today's card is for my friends over at Double D Challenges

I couldn't resist when I saw that board... Guess what caught my eye? Yep, those drinks
The drinks are digital images, printed onto vellum and fussy cut to add to the scene I painted - Care to join me?

I may not be having a holiday this year but I still have my imagination - I did resist putting a beach in the scene... One thing I am trying to do is to keep my scenes and painting CAS... I may have cracked it where cards are concerned but when it come to painting, it's knowing when to stop. The focus here are those inviting drinks and with the weather we've been having, what could be better.

I hope to share a few more cards with you soon... I've had a little burst of inspiration but who knows how long that will last.

I hope you are enjoying your day... Be safe

~ Ros ~

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Help! A/C Needed

Hello friends!
Oh my...  It is so hot and I'm melting. I know it s nowhere near the temperatures that some of you have experienced lately but we just are not used to it and we don't have A/C. I went to my exercise class on Monday and came out like I'd just stepped out of the shower!

Even those pesky pigeons are feeling it... This guy came for a shower in my garden water feature and I couldn't help but giggle

I do have a card to share, not that I've done much recently, but I needed a card to send to my friends son in the Netherlands who recently obtained his Masters

 I used a NBUS compass stencil which I got really cheap ages ago - So entering at Darnell's  
I thought it was suitable for a guy starting out on his journey. I only used a part of the stencil (it's big) and painted some leaves weaving through

DH is away for a few days visiting his brother so I am enjoying some 'me' time, no having to stop what I'm doing and cook a dinner and generally enjoying time with Mikey, though we are very alike and enjoy our solitude.

Thanks for your visit, have a beautiful day

~ Ros ~

Saturday, July 17, 2021


 Good morning...
We are having a heat wave at the moment and my thoughts go out to all the people in Europe who have experienced devastating floods...I can't even begin to imagine the heartache.

Today I am sharing two very different creations...
This first one I did ages ago inspired by something I saw on Pinterest which I think was Cows parsley
You can see the original here

I did my own version and added a Rubon butterfly

What you can't see is the sparkle I added... Here's a tip for you
You know how you can tap on a paintbrush or a Posca pen to create splatters? Well if you have something like a Nuvo glue pen you can do the same and then sprinkle the glitter on, just a shame the photo doesn't show it

My next card is made from part of a painting I did and a couple of painted die cut pieces

The mouse, flower and mushroom I sketched and painted then fussy cut before adding the die cut bits

You know I am sitting here in my craft room with the doors wide open and looking out onto the little area I recently created and the birds are singing... It's my little piece of heaven

Have a beautiful day

~ Ros ~

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Alcohol Inks on Vellum

 Hello again...

Have you tried alcohol inks on vellum? I hadn't until yesterday. I didn't even know you could use them on  vellum but I live and learn, courtesy of those clever ladies at The CAS Mix Up and all you talented people who share tips and tricks.

So whilst clearing my desk I found a small piece of vellum and thought I'd give it a go... I grabbed the first few AI's that would open (it's been awhile so some are stuck tight) and I was amazed. What to do next? Well, it's taking me a little time to get back into card making but I got there

So I have a card to for my friend's birthday and I one can enter at

And at The Flower Challenge

My splatters and liquid pearls are the spots...

I have no idea what vellum this is... I bought tons for wedding invitations I made a few years back but many of the packs I got were not white enough so I didn't use them. However, it worked well with AI's and the stamping / embossing of the flower, which I fussy cut and added white gel pen to.

I don't know what you call those teeny tiny beads or why I had 2 packs in my stash (now 1.5 packs as the floor got the rest) nor do I get how you are supposed use them... Heck they roll EVERYWHERE but somehow I got a bunch to stay. Maybe I should have used a dish? Splattering gold Poca paint is so much easier

Now you know what I'll be doing with all those pieces of vellum from now on

By the way the flower is an Hibiscus but I can't stop seeing a pansy now... Huh

Enjoy your day/evening

~ Ros ~

Monday, July 12, 2021

And it's raining

Yep, it's still raining and the temperatures is around 63F... The great British summer. But I'm not stressed about it, there's always something to do. Yesterday I decided to do a little sketching and painting and discovered quite a lot of paintings I have done over the year that I never did anything with... Maybe I will turn them into cards.
The two I did yesterday I did turn into cards...

 Because I did these on watercolour CS which is not as white as I'd like, I printed the background cardstock and believe it or not, it is actually a green ombre but it looks more gold on my photos...

...Which is okay as I used gold paint anyway

I really enjoyed doing these, it's been awhile

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments on my garden! I was hesitant to share the photos but as always you guys lift my spirits
My pretty Lilies are flowering in the garden right now..Actually I don't know what they are called but I'm sure they are from the Lily family and no doubt someone out there will know the correct name

And there are plenty more in the mini jungle I call a garden

Finally before I go I have to tell you that I got to go back to my exercise class last week, the first in almost a year. How I survived I have no idea... I ached in every part of my body Lol!
I'm not a fitness fanatic - more like a clock watcher when I have to exercise, hoping the time goes quickly but I have to try and keep this stenosis at bay and oil the joints.

Okay... Have yourselves a beautiful day

Till soon

~ Ros ~

Wednesday, July 07, 2021

Hello July

Well hello

I hope you are all well and enjoying summer. We've had rain for days now with a few intermittent bouts of sunshine but it's not what you would call summer weather or temperatures in my neck of the woods and yet I know a lot of you are over heating... Crazy!
I've still nothing crafty to share but I have a some garden photos (still a work in progress). Unfortunately DH can't tell a flower from a weed so I've lost quite a few of my perennials and his eyesight is now really poor but I've found him lots to do.
You may remember that I bought a new garden swing awhile ago but I decided to see f I could repair the old one

Well, Ginger just loves it and sits out there even in the pouring rain, so I got new parts, fitted them with Ian's help and then re-covered the seat in a thick waterproof fabric. That was hard work! The fabric is so tough but it's definitely waterproof and Gingerboy is happy.

Then there was an area where we (weather permitting) like to dine outdoors but it was quite dull - You can see it on this photo I took in May, just on the left


... And now it looks like this

With a little water feature, made from a planter that I painted and it has a few succulents in there. Solar lights, a string of heart lights and pretty plants. To the side on the wall...

The photos are a little dull because the weather is wet and dull but you get the idea.

My goal was to try and use up as much stuff as I already had so the only new thing here was the mirror and the seat fabric. I had those shutters stored away from years ago and like the fencing they just needed a coat of paint, courtesy of DH. The seat cover (for 2 chairs I joined together) was made by me with some foam I had and a metre of water resist fabric

I've spent a lot of time cutting back trees and one had to go altogether which left an ugly space that I look out onto from my craft room so I transformed that with plants and flowers and bits I already had

The little bird cage held a candle but now it has greenery and solar lights that shower down when it gets dark. The mirrors were 2 old frames and I bought 2 pieces of acrylic mirror to fit them. DH helped me to hang them and if you look closely you can see the nod of approval from a little robin.
DH gave my little shed a coat of paint...

 All the added extras I had, the owl hanging to the left to which I added chimes, the the cat hook on the door and a plaque that I recovered and varnished.  The metal jug I painted and added lights that stream down at night. Ignore the chair, it's where the morning sun hits and Ginger heads off there every morning.

I said it was a work in progress and in the next month or so we are having all this gravel replaced with artificial grass and I'm really excited about that

The fountain in the middle will stay, it was leaking badly but now with some waterproof cement and new bags of pebbles it works a treat.

You could say I have been crafty but in the garden rather than with paper... 

I will catch up with you all soon and I hope you enjoyed seeing what I've been up to along with all the other things life throws up. There have been a few hospital visits for DH and he is now having to have eye surgery, though we don't have a date yet. 

Stay well and thanks so much for your visit

Till next time

~ Ros ~