Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ethereal ...

Happy Sunday to you all 

Here in the UK it's Remembrance Day

Please God one day there will be peace ...

Today of course is the start of a new prompt at 

This week it has been chosen for us by Bonita ... and what a terrific prompt it is 



  1. 1.
    extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world.
    "her ethereal beauty"

    I took this shot through the windscreen of the car when we were travelling along the motorway - following a heavy storm the sky began to glow

    ... and I added the flashes of green lights using Picmonkey

    This was the original

    Very Ethereal looking to me

    When we were in Gibraltar last year on our cruise holiday ... we arrived in thick fog and out of the fog I could just make out another ship ... Does this look like a ghost ship to you?

    Again a little overlay from Picmonkey ...

    The caves within the Rock of Gibraltar store many hidden secrets ... apart from the tunnels and secret bases from WW11 ... there is a theatre for concerts ... surrounded by amazing Stalactites and Stalacmites

    (Edited with Picmonkey)

    These are unedited

    It is the most enchanting place and to me it has an Ethereal quality

    I have one last photo to show you ... this was taken through the aeroplane window when we were flying off somewhere ... I honestly cannot remember if it is a shot of the Alps or the Pyrenees

    Overlay effects from Picmonkey

    So there you have it ... my Ethereal photos for this week ... I'm really looking forward to seeing yours
    I'm off to the blog to see what my fellow team members have to share ... won't you join me?

    Till soon

    ~ Ros ~