Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Project One

Good morning and Happy New Year to you!!
I have something a little different to share with you today... 
 I got to thinking about what I would do now I don't have my group anymore and though I miss them, a lot, I also miss making the projects. Yes, it was hard work and coming up with ideas taxed my brain but I enjoyed making things other than cards.
For a long while making Christmas cards kept me busy, then I had a clear out of a lot of craft stuff and household items that were never used or were just collecting dust, but some things I couldn't part with, one of which was a candle lantern that I bought when I was going through my 'all things French' phase Lol!

Then I saw something on Pinterest that peeked my interest and I grabbed that old lantern and here's the something different

My lantern is now a room with a chandelier (fairy lights)

I made all the furniture from card and bits and pieces I had

The Eiffel tower for example is from a pack of brads sent to me by my blog friend Barbara, the draw handles are beads and the tiny clock was a little imitation stop watch that I trimmed the bits off.

The Piano legs are cut from chopsticks!
Everything is tiny so it was quite fiddly to do but I'm really please with it now it's done
So that's my first project of the year if you don't count the pom pom animals I've also made - I may share them sometime too.

I'm wishing you all a lovely day and a wonderful 2019

~ Ros ~