Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Beak to Beak

 Hello there... I hope you are all well?

I had my first vaccination this morning and I'm counting down the months, I'm hoping that come summer we will be enjoying a much better life.

So Valentine's ... Did you get something nice? 
 I got beautiful red roses, chocolates and a card. 
 DH got one of my duck cards..

 I made this sometime ago and thought it would be ideal for Valentine's... He loved it

I also have a little painting to share with you... Meet Tinker

 She has a lot of mouths to feed and knows that one of the best times to collect food is when it's raining - There are very few cats about! Her umbrella keeps her dry whilst she forages and then she put everything in the open umbrella to take home.

Today she managed to fill her umbrella with a lots of of nuts and seed but the rain was heavy. Thankfully there are always a few mushrooms to shelter under.

I hope you enjoyed your visit today, I'll be catching up with you all soon

Be safe be happy

~ Ros ~