Sunday, January 25, 2015



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I wish I had some better photos to share with you ... Maybe a pretty ballerina ... or her satin shoes hanging from pale satin ribbons and a lovely story to go with it ... But I did find this photo of my husband being taught some moves on the dance floor at my late nephew Peter's wedding (hee hee)

He makes a better golfer than he does a dancer but he tries...

This is Peter and his bride Lana dancing ... 

My brother (Peter's dad) never dances but he did this day ... holding hands with my late Mum too - she loved dancing

Do you remember dancing on your Daddy's feet? I do ... I have no photo to share but there is one locked in my head ... The dance ended all too soon ... Dances often do that - one minute you're all smiles and breathless and then the music stops

When I was 15 the pupils at my school put on a concert ... People my age will remember Top of the Pops and a dance group know as Pans People ... Well, in the concert I was one of them Lol!

I don't think school shirts were meant to be worn like that but I so wish my stomach was like that now!

I always had a secret wish to be a dancer ... I love dancing ... not that I do much now, but as a young girl my friends and I were out dancing every weekend and one week this guy asked me to dance with him

That slow dance led to a happy dance

... but eventually the music stopped and so did the dance

I guess we all dance through life one way or another... sometimes fast sometimes slow.. sometimes we just sit it out and wait for the next one ... It's never too late to dance and you're never too old

Sorry there were no pretty ballerina photos though... 

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