Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thursday Club Projects

Hello there ...

I've been busy preparing projects for my class tonight at Thursday Club... I'm always asked where I get my ideas from and the answer is often Pinterest! You guys are great for sharing... As you know the group are mentally and physically challenged so things have to be kept simple but they are adults, so I try to give them something not too childlike ... 
When my lovely blog friend Stella came to visit last month she prepared projects for them and took the class ... It was such fun and they instantly fell in love with her! They were so excited that a visitor from Holland was coming and it was a fabulous evening ... Here she is with one of my favourite guys from the group - Peter

I know she won't mind me sharing
This week I found a card on Pinterest that I knew they would like so all credit to Nadine... I hope it's ok that I use her idea and I teamed the card with a trinket box

Here's my version of the card

I had to cut 60 pairs of flip flops and stick on all those white straps because my group wouldn't have been able to manage that... Phew! It took ages
The sentiment is done on my computer as is the card base and I tore up real sandpaper for the sand and aren't those tiny shells cute!

I printed and cut papers for them to cover their boxes

Cut some edging and made 20 net 'bows' and glued pearls in all the shells

I always give them lots of gems so that they can decorate them even more to their own design ...  One of the difficult things is making something that they can not only easily put together but adhere easily ... I can't give them a glue gun or liquid glue...Heck it would be everywhere! I remember many years ago giving them glitter ... NEVER again! One of our men went home covered from head to toe! 

Right now I'm working on 'easy to assemble' hanging mobiles for them for another week...

I hope you have a fun day - Thanks so much for your visit

~ Ros ~