Sunday, September 15, 2013


Happy Sunday!
I hope you are all well ... I'm in the beautiful county of Lincolnshire ... enjoying the peacefulness and my Aunts company ... 
Thanks so much for your well wishes ... I'm happy to say that finally today my face is no longer swollen and I am not in much pain with my mouth ...

At Our Beautiful World this week ... the prompt has been chosen for us by Wendy and it is simply

This is a photo of the leaves on a shrub outside my front door ... some leaves are yellow, some green and some variegated ... I took it just after it had rained and looking at it - it would have been a good shot for last weeks prompt of Bubbles!

I hope you aren't fed up of seeing my flowers ... because here are some Yellow ones in and around my garden

Can you see the bee to the right just about to land on this flower?

I wonder what you will come up with this week for Yellow ... 
Our Beautiful World would LOVE to see your photos so please link up with us

Have a lovely day

Till soon 

~ Ros ~