Friday, November 04, 2016


Hello friends...

Brrrr! It's a cold and wet morning here in Liverpool and I'm popping in to share the crafts my special needs group made last night
They always have a little firework display this time of year but not everyone likes it, including me, so I did a craft class and prepared a few christmas cards and some snowmen for them to make.

Where would I be without Pinterest?  I saw these little snowmen on there and just knew my group would love them. I thought about letting them make them from start to finish, then had second thoughts, the rice would be everywhere! So I did that part and they did the rest
The completed 20 little snowmen looked so cute

Then on to the cards... mostly cut on the Cameo

It was a really good night and we were even treated to chip butties (it's a Liverpool thing) Proper fat fried potato chips (fries to my American friends) none of the skinny frozen "bung in the oven" things... Sandwiched into a barm cake (a soft bread bun). They were so good! My tummy doesn't quite agree this morning though Lol!

I've a busy morning and then lunch with a friend so I'll say goodbye for now...

Have a wonderful day

~ Ros ~