Sunday, December 19, 2021

Guys & Gals

 Hello there ... How are you? Well I hope

My hubby has been quite sick with a chest infection - We both took a couple of Covid tests and they were negative so he's also done a PCR test for which we are awaiting results...As luck would have it, the doctor phoned regarding a routine review of hubby's meds and he prescribed some antibiotics. Hopefully he will be up and about in the next few days. I'm exhausted going up and down the stairs (wearing a mask) Lol!

This month I have a few birthdays to accomodate, both male and female. First up I'm sharing the card I made for my friends' daughter

I drew a dress on a dress form and stenciled the balloons. Whilst I was painting this my brother rang so I was painting one handed whilst we chatted - Didn't turn out too bad and it's very sparkly

For my nephew I made a card similar to one I did earlier in the year

I stenciled the background, printed the drink from a digital and covered it with clear gloss E/P 

I drew and painted the hat and the band around the hat is glossy but it doesn't show here.

And finally, I have been able to do some sewing though I can't sit for long so it's taken a few days to finish my last make,  with a fleece lined sweatshirt fabric that I love... Here it is

That's it for now... I hope you enjoy your day, stay warm and safe

~ Ros ~