Saturday, April 28, 2012

Paper Pockets

Hello... Are you well?

 I am back from my cruise to Norway... What a beautiful country ... I am still in awe of the beauty ...  
My Aunt and I had a wonderful time and though I was not sea sick at all ... since I arrived on land yesterday evening - I am Land sick!! Honestly ... everything is swaying and it is the most peculiar feeling ever!
I had no internet connection at all for the whole time and I missed you all ... wished I could have taken you with me ... I missed seeing your creations yet probably it did me good to step away for a while and just enjoy the break ... the splendour of the fjords took my breath away ... We had the opportunity to disembark at a few locations and take train rides and tours ... On the second day I threw away my crutch and this trip healed me in many ways ... 

I have to say that the house was spotless when I returned ... my husband had everything looking wonderful ... even flowers in the vase for my return ... I got up early this morning and fed the cats (yes we have a stray that has adopted us too) and I opened the bread cupboard looking forward to the simplicity of wholemeal toast and honey with coffee after the gourmet food that was on offer everyday on the ship and what did I find? The same loaf of bread that I had left last week ... only now it was a funny kind of green with grey fur growing on it ... Can you believe it? Welcome home Ros!

I hope to share some photos with you later in the week we but for now I have a little something I made before I left ... 
I've been seeing these pretty pockets a lot lately and used up some of my scraps to make one too

My pocket has 3 tags inside

I love using up scraps to make something pretty ...

... quite a jumble of all sorts of things... bits of lace, buttons, a sweet yoyo from Jeanneke, and a mish mash of papers and textures ... but such fun to make

I notice that Blogger has also made some changes so I am trying to navigate my way around things ... (ha! sea talk)...  sheesh ... just when you get used to something - it changes 

Before I go I want to say a big Thank you to the lovely ladies at Papercraft Star for my Comet award ... I am delighted you liked my card
Now I have lots of catching up to do ... thanks so much for visiting me and your lovely comments

Sending hugs 

~ Ros ~