Sunday, March 16, 2014



It's time for a new word prompt at

And this week I picked the word which is simply ...


It's St Patricks Day tomorrow ... not that we celebrate it, but I love shades of green and I'm longing for the trees to be covered once again in fresh green leaves ... for now I have to be content with what is around me...

The bright beautiful moss green that cover the old twigs of last years lavender shrub

and the richer shade that appear on the tree branches making them look like a view of the planet from space

The 'oh so tiny' shoots that sprout up after a rainfall

The dark all year round green of the pine contrasting with the all year round glossy leaves of the Laurel

Some of which are also sprouting

I love the many shades of green nature has to offer ... and none more so than those dew kissed greens that burst into yellow

... A promise of Spring to come

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Till soon

~ Ros ~