Monday, May 07, 2018

Monday Blues

Hello... How was your weekend?
We've had lovely weather, too hot even for Ginger cat!

It's Bank Holiday monday here in the UK and a beautiful sunny day which is rare -Bank holidays here are usually reknowned for rain. 
What a morning it's been so far...My car wouldn't start so I had to call the RAC out... Thing is I haven't driven it in months - My son usually drives it to keep things turned over but seemingly not enough to keep the battery charged or the mileage up for the warranty to apply so I had to buy a new one. Then as the guy tested everything one of the cables on the window snapped so I now have to get that repaired.
My curious cats kept climbing in the RAC van and I had to keep chasing them whilst pretending to understand all the technical talk the RAC guy was giving me.

Whilst all this was going Hubby took a call from our family in Cornwall to say that his 2nd cousin who has the rare cancer, is not doing well at all. His immune system has now collapsed so he can't have Chemo. It's so upsetting... He's such a lovely guy.

I bless the fact that I can lose myself in crafting at times and I have a card to share with you that was mostly made from scraps

The butterflies were cut from left over pieces of watercolour BG's I did last week and the frames were cut from scraps of CS

Actually there wasn't enough to properly cut 3 butterflies but by overlapping the missing parts I got around that

My scrap cards almost always turn out better than the others for some reason... Lol!

Ok, I'm off to get some lunch for hubby and I so I'll wish you a lovely day


~ Ros ~