Thursday, March 27, 2014

Box Cards and Cats

Hi there ...
How's your week been?
It's been another busy one here ... Monday my brother was here replacing a radiator and at the same time my Ginger cat had a really bad fight with another cat in the garden ... I don't know about the other cat but Ginger was bleeding. He was agitated all day which didn't bode well when Gipsy came in ... somehow they settled down amicably which was a relief. Then at 4am this morning I let Ginger cat out and heard another fight break out ... There I was in the garden in my PJ's making sure Ginger cat was ok and of course Gipsy followed me and had to butt in ... snarling and hissing ...
Oh give me a dog anytime!

Through the week with the help of my friend Pat, we finally completed 20+ box card projects for my special needs group to make tonight

Here's a peek at some of the ones they will be making

There are enough embellishments for them to make Birthday ones, Mother's Day ones or just one to say Hello

Until we met about 6 months ago, my friend Pat had never done any paper crafting nor had she worked with special needs and now she just loves both ... and I'm loving sharing the things I've learnt with her

We giggled a lot putting these together ... Once I'd cut everything out, between us we fill individual envelopes for each of the group so that everything they need is in their envelope ... any fiddly bits we do first and mark where the papers have to be stuck down ... 
We make a few 'samples' for them to copy and that's it...
All I need to do now is go and get some new glues ... 

It's going to be a fun night and I'm looking forward to it

I hope you all have a great day 

Till soon be safe

~ Ros ~