Saturday, May 24, 2014

Missing You


I'm back home after a few days break ... Back to a cold and wet Liverpool

I don't know what I am missing the most ... those wonderful cappuccinos with cream, relaxing outdoors enjoying the sea air and the lovely scenery or just having the warm sun washing over me...
Mind you, the first day in Santa Ponca it rained heavily ... I've never been there when it rained but believe me a warm rainy day in Majorca is better than a dry cold one here!  I caught this little sparrow sheltering in the top of a palm tree ... guess he didn't like the rain either

which reminds me ... remember when I posted this photo way back in November for Our Beautiful World?

Well it's vacant no longer ... Excuse the blurry photo, but I had to be quick when I saw Mum and Dad feeding their babies

I have to keep an eye on my little ginger cat ... he's already tried to get up there but for now he's content to follow me everywhere ... he missed me ... Oh, and Gispy ... Well, she's gone missing again ... been 4 days now... sigh ...  Here's hoping she'll come back soon

I hope you are all doing well ... Wishing you a beautiful weekend

Till soon

~ Ros ~