Sunday, March 30, 2014


Hello again ...
This is my second post today ... If you are looking for my post on 
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I just wanted to post a card I made for this weeks challenge at CAS.ology

Of course I just had to use a black cat ...

This looks just like my cat from the back 

I love the challenges at CAS.ology ... they really test me and I love seeing the DT samples and everyone else's take on the cue card 

I hope you're having a great day ... It's Mother's Day here and I've got some beautiful flowers from my lovely son and my DH so I'm certainly very lucky!

Till soon

~ Ros ~


Hello ...
It's Mothering Sunday here in the UK

Happy Mother's Day!! 

It's a beautiful day and in my garden ... 
Everything is coming into bloom

Bloom is the prompt word this week at 

Picked for us by Bonita ... 

She couldn't have picked a better word - I love photographing flowers and trees - they make such wonderful subjects

I love how they gently unfurl their petals and leaves as they come into Bloom

I love to see the trees come to life ... overnight they transform

 so that in the blink of an eye there is blossom everywhere

Who could not smile at their colourful beauty?

An orchestra of delicate bells

... and trumpets

That the birds sing along to as they build their nests 

The most wonderful time is when Bloom happens
Is it happening in your part of the world?

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And have a beautiful day

~ Ros ~

EDIT ........ Picmonkey

I see that some of you have a problem using Picmonkey lately ... You may be getting a message that says your browser is Vintage 

To Correct This

All you need to do is open another browser ... My Mac is set to open in Safari but by downloading  Firefox I can open this as my browser instead of Safari and Picmonkey will work perfectly

I hope this helps you.