Wednesday, July 28, 2021


Hello there.... I hope you are all doing well and not too hot?
It's pleasant here at the moment and we've had a little rain too.
Last week it was far too hot and I stayed indoors and created the two cards I'm sharing today. First up

I couldn't think of anything more soothing than being on the cool water - This guy has the right idea

He's supposed to be fishing whilst his wife spends time at the beach but the rocking has sent him to sleep
No worries, she's keeping an eye on him

... And stayin' cool paddling in the water

I had fun doing these... If I can't be by the sea, I bring the sea to me and I'm sharing with 
who have a fun 'The Ocean is calling and I must go" challenge
DH is back from his travels and enjoyed catching up with his family in Devon - I'm still keeping up with my exercise classes (in spite of the heat) and I'm still sketching.

Thanks so much for your visit, stay well and have a lovely day
~ Ros ~