Sunday, November 23, 2014

Our Beautiful World

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Today at Our Beautiful World we have a new prompt ... chosen for us by Manuela
The prompt is Typical November

Well typically here in the UK like the rest of you I suspect, the Christmas season is upon us ... Every shop is heaving with shoppers and decorations are everywhere

... even in the trees and as it get dark here by 5pm it's a pretty sight for the shoppers

Whilst at home the garden is full of colour believe it or not ... I don't mean with flowers, but the with last glow of Autumn leaves against the evergreen Laurel and the pyracantha laden with bright orange berries

... together with the holly displaying her not so abundant berries of red

It's not as cold as most Novembers have been and certainly not as frosty 
 If I were to describe a Typical November in one photo this would be it for me

What's your Typical November like? We'd love to see 
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