Sunday, August 11, 2013

I Wonder .....

Hello ...

I'm travelling to Lincoln today to spend time with my aunt - She's had a couple of falls this week though she assures me she is OK - I want to be sure. So my post this morning is prescheduled.

It's a new prompt at Our Beautiful World and the prompt has been chosen for us by the lovely Shahrul
The prompt is "Wonder"

I confess with all that's been going on here lately - I haven't had a great deal of time to be out and about taking photos ... Sometimes life just gets in the way ...
But on one of our rather hot days ... I did notice a blackbird ... way up in the trees and he looked like he was sunning himself. He had his wings spread right out ... I wonder if he knew I was watching

I've noticed that lots of the Magpies have lost some of their feathers ... I read about them molting and whilst they are not my favourite birds ... I kind of feel for this this guy who regularly visits and takes the cat biscuits ... I wonder if he knows how sad he looks

This next photo I pulled from my archives ... It was taken a few years ago on a visit to Derbyshire ... I can just imagine those ducks saying "I wonder where the water went"

All of nature is a wonder to me ... We have some amazing things on this planet of ours ... I will leave you with a shot of a white butterfly who thought I wouldn't see him against the white flower

... so delicate and beautiful 

Hop over to the blog and check out the photos from the rest of the team and please link up your Wonders this week ...

Have a lovely day 

Till soon

~ Ros ~