Friday, May 02, 2014


Hi there!

Thanks so much for your kind wishes ... my Aunt is doing really well and bustling about fussing over me as usual. It was a long wait at the hospital - a stupid system that gives everyone the same appointment time and then we just sit and wait till they call us ... we were there for over 4 hours.
Still as long as it's successful it was worth it, and so far so good.

I told you some time ago that my Aunt is a talented lady and very much so when it comes to embroidery ... She takes a photo from somewhere and copies it with silk embroidery thread ... Mostly animals. Her friend has a gorgeous black labrador called Jake ... I'd like you to meet him

This is my Aunts embroidery of Jake ... Black is so hard to do but she totally pulled it off here

I'm just tooting her flute (a lovely expression I learned from a friend) because I think at 87 she deserves it! 

Sending you all love and hugs from Lincolnshire

Enjoy your weekend

~ Ros ~