Thursday, May 28, 2020

Pretty Bird Houses

Hi there... 
It's another hot day here which is great except I struggle to sleep at night so I may catch a snooze in the shade later

So today I have a couple of bird houses for you

I'm enjoy the blues and greens again and each time I paint something, I learn a little bit more, whether it's the colour blending or the angle of the brush

Of all the brushes I have collected, I tend to stick just to 2... A fine line round one and a  slightly bigger round

My sketches aren't that big so I'm using up all the odd pieces of spare cardstock I have accumulated

I've also left the painting and come back to it when it's dry so I can add more colour or perhaps something it's lacking to add balance. 

Anyway I hope you like them...

Have a lovely day

~ Ros ~

Monday, May 25, 2020


Hello... I hope you are all well

It's been a glorious day here and I'm popping in quickly with a couple of wisteria paintings

I would love wisteria in my garden, front and back.

Maybe one day I can get one but for now I just paint and use my imagination

Yes the obsession with mushrooms continues haha! I just find them so easy to sketch and I love the different shapes

... and I've loads more to share with you sometime - Thank lockdown!

Have a beautiful day/evening and thanks so much for stopping by

~ Ros ~


Thursday, May 21, 2020

Mushrooms in Snow

Hello! Another week is almost over, not that I even know what day it is anymore.
I hope this finds you all well and you're keeping your spirits up? 

Mushrooms in snow... Okay so that doesn't usually happen but we're living in strange and unusual times so anything goes and only I could paint a snowy scene on the hottest day of the year so far Lol!

The night sky has always enthralled me and I wish I could see the stars as clear as many of you living in the States can. I watch documentaries and films and I'm in awe.
So this is another entry for the CAS Watercolour challenge

Granted it doesn't have to be a winter night - it could be a sunset I guess
and also for the Double D challenge

Something beginning with the letter M 



I got some piling there on the moon with the snowy splatters and my trees look more like feathers but this is fantasy, where I live right now

I got to chat with my neighbour yesterday, from a distance of course... We haven't spoken or seen each other since lockdown and it was good to talk, though sadly she lost her BIL to this virus a few weeks ago. Meanwhile I am still trying to keep DH at home and I'm fighting a losing battle - He's been back to golf and to visit a friend (socially distancing which is not too bad) but he keeps wanting to go to shops and it's like playing Russian roulette out there when others do not observe the rules.

Before I leave I wanted to show you one of my roses... I can't believe how big they are this year, probably down to the cleaner air

This one was so heavy it snapped the branch... It looks like 3 in one and smells heavenly.

 Okay, that's it for now... Enjoy your day and be safe

~ Ros ~

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Cracked Pots

Hello there...How has your week been? 

Here in the UK many people are in total confusion over the eased restrictions of lock down. I for one will not be taking any chances... We have been going out for necessities but now we are under the NHS shielding so we can finally get deliveries of our groceries.
I am still amazed at the many people who are not taking this seriously and worse, risking their babies and young children the way they are but enough said, it makes me so sad to see.

However, my post title doesn't refer to them Lol! It refers to a couple of my paintings... I actually have made some birthday cards this week but the weather is not conducive to photographing right now so I am sharing these instead

I'm not a fan of snails, but this one I call snail house - Those broken pots have to come in useful for something 

We are constantly visited by squirrels here and they are so cheeky as well as noisy but what really is annoying is that they keep on tossing out the planters to bury nuts. Maybe I had that in mind when I did this one

And finally, I spotted the guy that my cat Missy has been chasing for weeks

I know I'm very good at sketching mice but I didn't have a stamp and wanted to just throw this in there 

Be safe my friends and thanks so much for sharing your lovely creations to brighten my day... Thanks so much for your visit

Till soon

~ Ros ~

Monday, May 11, 2020

The Gulls are Back...

Well the weather has turned again, it's not too warm right now though the garden has bloomed in the heat we enjoyed last week and surprisingly the roses are already opening...

My lockdown album is coming along, getting fatter and fatter and today I'm sharing two more Lala Land paintings I did using the gull stamp...

Percy here can often be seen at old Captain Shaw's place - His old boat (Shirley) sprung so many leaks he finally relented and got himself a new one but unable to part with Shirley, he and Mrs Shaw converted her into a garden feature. Actually it was Percy's idea and he's rather proud of that.

Gordon is also here...

He visits most of the residents who feed him tidbits... Bacon fat is his favourite

He's looking rather smug at still maintaining his slim figure despite all that bacon fat

Just another day in Lala Land... I hope you are all well, thanks for popping by

Till soon

~ Ros ~

Thursday, May 07, 2020

Still Painting

Hello there...
It's been a busy morning here with friends phoning to see how we are or just for a chat... I'm not used to too much conversation these days Lol!

I'm still doing a lot of little paintings and they are mounting up despite sending quite a few of them to friends and family, so I've decided to use up some of the the DP I've been hoarding to make a 'lockdown' album and add my painting with my own ramblings...

Today I'm sharing a couple of recent ones

I love flowers in jugs... I have jugs of all sizes and types, one of them is an aged enamel one which I tried to capture here

And then I did this one

I was going to title this post "a pair of jugs'" but somehow that didn't sound good haha!

And just to show you some of the collection...

I know... I can't stop!

It's another glorious day here and I'm quite enjoying the stress free living

Take care my friends and thanks so much for popping in

~ Ros ~

Tuesday, May 05, 2020

CAS Watercolour Challenge

Hi there...  I hope you are all doing okay
It's another sunny day here as lock down continues and a new challenge at 

CAS Watercolour has begun

As my paints are a permanent fixture on my craft table these days, and an idea came into my head, I made a card

I used a couple of cloud dies and just a trimmed portion of the man and his dog die. Someone pointed out that rather than a dog, it could be a child pointing at the sky and it really does look like that, so you see it as you wish

I wasn't able to capture the shine of the gold paint here but you get the idea

The paints I used are the Prima Currents set - a mix of different shades, together with gold paint by Gansai Tambi and the sentiment is computer generated.

All's well here, I cut DH's hair so he looks human again, baked soda bread and scones - We can't get any bread flour as such but our local shop allows 1kg bag of plain flour per customer which is great.

And finally an update on the new clematis that appeared...

It has taken over and is blooming like crazy! I love it!

 Enjoy your day my friends

Till soon

~ Ros ~

Sunday, May 03, 2020

A "Card" Card

Well I had to make a "card" card... You know, one that doesn't just involve painting and doodling
I must admit that inspiration was just not there but it had to be done, my great nephew Ross is turning 18... Can you believe it? Where did those years go? 
Anyway, here's what I came up with

I die cut a balloon to make a stencil and did some ink blending and then stenciled over that to apply foiling.. I wasn't sure where I was going after that but eventually something came together

 I haven't seen Ross for a long time and it's a shame that his 18th Birthday will probably not be the celebration he had hoped for. He's overcome so many obstacles and health issues in his life, so as long as he's safe that's the best we can hope for.

Now a funny story to tell you... well sort of funny
Missy once again managed to catch a large mouse and bolted indoors with it before I could stop her... After searching every room Mikey and I finally located the mouse in the living room (Missy had let it go). Well we tried unsuccessfully for ages to catch it but it really gave us the run around. After about 30 minutes and every stick of furniture being overturned, Mikey finally caught it. Well there he was talking to it so gently as he carried it towards the garden "It's okay little one, you're safe now....." When suddenly it sunk it's teeth into his finger and would not let go. I tell you, the screams from my son along with words I couldn't possible repeat were hysterical. Eventually both mouse and Mikey were separated and both survived. I'd had visions of having to take my son to A&E during a Corona pandemic with a mouse bite can you imagine.... Lol!

Okay, time for a cup of tea I think... Be safe, enjoy your day and keep smiling

~ Ros ~