Sunday, May 29, 2016

Our Beautiful World... Cup

Hello... Happy Sunday

Mandy has chosen the prompt "Cup" for the photos today at 

It kinda had me scratching my head for a while ... I'd already shared photos of Stella visit when we were out having coffee so I was looking for something else significant and here it is

A silver cup, a little battered and tarnished ...It's my son's Christening cup, given to him 33 years ago... See the little kitty on there? Who knew at 3 months old he was going to become such a huge animal lover ... in particular a cat lover

And something slightly older ... in fact a lot older but still treasured

This coffee set with it's little cups and gilt edges was a wedding present given to my parents in July 1943 
A couple of the cups are gone and one is chipped but what remains still sits in my glass cabinet as pretty as ever

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Have a wonderful Sunday

~ Ros ~