Monday, November 29, 2021

Here Comes Winter

 Hello...I hope this finds you all well

Yep, the white stuff paid us a visit this weekend as did storm Arwen. Fortunately we are fine but there has been a lot damage around - This is the hall where I do my exercise...


...So no classes till next year now.

It's not all bad news though, eslewhere the penguin community are enjoying their pre Chritmas party celebrations

Having scanned my penguin sketch into the computer I can play around with it. Here I arrange 4 of the (same) image and flipped some horizontally. The weird thing is that each one looks different when they're painted. It's as though they all have a different look and personality. I don't plan it that way it just happens.

Here's another one...

See what I mean? At least the cold doesn't bother them.

I've done quite a few Christmas cards over the weekend as well as make mince pies and mini bakewells - I also made some trousers and whilst I am saving on NOT buying craft supplies, I'm spending a fortune on fabric Lol! 

I'll leave you with one more of the scenic cards I did... All is Calm

Though you can't see it, the houses and trees are outlined with a sakura glitter pen so it looks very sparkly.

Thank you for your visit, stay safe, stay well and have a lovely week

Till soon

~ Ros ~